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These Dan Reed Network fansites are no longer hosted, supported or active, but with the magic of the Internet Archive, we can still go back and revisit them.

Before I built Seven Sisters Road, Anthony’s DRN fansite was a great resource with details including every live show; Discography; News etc

Scott knew DRN since the very earliest days in Portland. His site featured a DRN timeline, Slam Society Newsletters, Biographies, & Discography.

Features some media articles and after DRN information and press clippings that I did not have.

A Japanese DRN Fanpage.

The very earliest days of this website.

A slight refresh in colors when Dan Reed came out of hibernation.

The “Fight Another Day” rebuild of the site.



Melvin currently tours with Booker T. when not on DRN duties.

Brion & Melvin were in Edgar Winter’s touring band.

Melvin toured with Stevie Salas, and played on a number of his albums.

Neil Zaza covered ‘Forgot to Make Her Mine’ and his recording featured Blake, Brion, Melvin, and Dan Pred.

Blake, Dan Reed, and Rob Daiker have worked / gigged with Bart.

Brion wrote, produced and played instruments on Amanda Hayley’s Naked Soul Music albums.

Dan Reed covered “Avalanche” on the album “Signal Fire”. Justin Lavash supported DRN at the Prague 2018 NYE show.

Miles Showell remastered the ‘Dan Reed Network’ and ‘Slam’ 2019 re-releases.


Local (now defunct) Portland magazine featuring articles about DRN and after, if you dig…

Dan Reed’s solo record label during the Ohm and Sharp Turn years.

Dan Reed Network UK single and album chart positions.

Dan Reed Network setlists on

Dan Reed setlists on

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