RELEASED: June 27, 1992
ARTIST: Dan Reed
LABEL: Hypedreamz
Red Shoe Diaries


  1. Touch The Heart
  2. Pain

These two unreleased Dan Reed solo tracks appear on the very first episode of the soft-porn TV show, ‘Red Shoe Diaries’ – ‘Safe Sex’.

The first song, “Touch The Heart” is a slow keyboard atmospheric song – in the episode, the male lead speaks over the middle, announcing his ‘excitement’.

The second song “Pain” was written by Dan Reed & Rob Daiker – it was going to be on Dan Reed Network’s fourth album. The song eventually appeared on the Slowrush album. “Volume”.

This episode of Red Shoe Diaries has been released as part of Season 1 on DVD.

A CD of ‘Music From Red Shoe Diaries’ was released, but it did not feature either of the Dan Reed tracks.

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