Dan Reed Network Birmingham Hummingbird August 1990
RELEASED: August 30, 1990
ARTIST: Dan Reed Network
LABEL: Audience Recording
Hummingbird – Birmingham, England 1990

Cassette Tape Bootleg

  1. Mix It Up
  2. Slam
  3. Come Back Baby
  4. Ritual
  5. Forgot To Make Her Mine
  6. Rainbow Child
  7. The Lonely Sun
  8. Resurrect
  9. Baby Don’t Fade
  10. Make It Easy
  11. Stronger Than Steel
  12. I’m So Sorry
  13. World Has A Heart Too
  14. Cruise Together
  15. Get To You
  16. The Salt of Joy
  17. Lover

Dan Reed Network did a mini-tour of the UK, their second of 1990, amongst the Urban Jungle dates in support of the Rolling Stones. This was Dan Reed Network’s second visit to Nottingham Rock City in 1990.

This set list has a few changes to the Town & Country Club and Nottingham set – some shuffling of the song order and the addition of Cruise Together mid-set

Not on this cassette but played at the gig was the Doobie Brother’s ‘Takin’ It To The Streets’ (officially released on Live At Last)

This is an audience recording bootleg. Quality is a C.

Dan Reed Network Birmingham Hummingbird August 1990

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