Dan Reed Network - The Garage, London 1993
RELEASED: August 8, 1993
ARTIST: Dan Reed Network
LABEL: Audience Recording
The Garage – London, England 1993

Cassette Tape Bootleg

  1. All I Want Is You Soundcheck
  2. God Only Knows Soundcheck
  3. Come Back Baby
  4. Lover
  5. Baby Don’t Fade
  6. Make It Easy
  7. Salt Of Joy
  8. Rainbow Child
  9. All I Want Is You
  10. Forgot To Make Her Mine
  11. Long Way To Go
  12. Stronger Than Steel
  13. All My Lovin’
  14. Ritual
  15. I’m So Sorry
  16. Tamin’ The Wild Nights
  17. Mix It Up
  18. Baby Now I

This was, until New Year’s Eve 2012, the final gig by Dan Reed Network. It was a practically unannounced gig at a small venue in North London called the Garage

It was also quite a departure from their normal gig, in that it was totally acoustic

Two new songs were soundchecked, but only the first one was played.

That song was ‘All I Want Is You’.

The second song that was soundchecked, but not played at the show, is ‘God Only Knows’. This was recorded by Dan Reed, Linda Hornbuckle and Clark Stiles for the ‘Live Or Die’ tape which was only available through the Dan Reed Network fan club, Slam Society. It also appears on the ‘Roseland, Portland 1992‘ CD

The quality is not very good but it captures a moment in Dan Reed Network history.

Dan Reed Network - The Garage, London 1993

Seven Sisters Road - Dan Reed & Dan Reed Network