La Gamine Soundtrack CD Dan Reed Network
RELEASED: April 22, 1992
ARTIST: Dan Reed Network
LABEL: Phillips
PRODUCER: Dan Reed / Bruce Fairbairn
La Gamine Soundtrack

CD (France)
[Phillips 512 402-2]

A less well known soundtrack inclusion for Dan Reed Network is this 1992 French film La Gamine, starring Johnny Hallyday (big French movie and singing star).

Like ‘The Cutting Edge‘, this movie had a soundtrack CD, with DRN sharing space with the Scorpions, Sly And Robbie, Texas, Billy Falcon, Status Quo, and the movie’s star, Johnny Hallyday.

In the movie itself, the two DRN songs (‘Baby Now I’ and ‘Chill Out’) appear back to back 21 minutes into the film during a road scene.

Synopsis: A teen girl is wrongfully suspected for a crime. A former cop helps her to prove her innocence. There’s only one problem : her behavior brings the two of them more than once in trouble.

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La Gamine Soundtrack CD Dan Reed Network

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