Dan Reed - Adrenaline Sky
RELEASED: January 1, 1998
ARTIST: Adrenaline Sky
LABEL: RTG Music / Videomedia
PRODUCER: Tag & Camus
Dan Reed – Adrenaline Sky

CD Album

Following the 1996 release of the “Live @ Brownies NYC” album, Videomedia (Dan Pred’s production company) released a second CD in 1998 – half of it taken from the live CD, and half from the studio.

The live half was recorded at Brownies Club in New York City on 2 April 1996 – all of the songs are featured on the “Live @ Brownies NYC” CD.

Two of the songs on the studio half were not on the “Live @ Brownies NYC” CD – “Simple” and “All I Want”.

Of the “Live @ Brownies NYC” tracks, four from the first cd are missing – “Pain Is An Angel”, “Blow You Away”, “We Belong”, and “Should Be With You” – but they are all represented with studio versions.

“All I Want” was originally titled “All I Want Is Everything” on the second, unreleased, Maggie’s Dream 1992 album “Elysium“.

Video of the NYC show can be found on YouTube.

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