Bart Hafeman - Zero Gravity
RELEASED: January 1, 2013
ARTIST: Bart Hafeman
LABEL: Bartholomew Productions
PRODUCER: Rob Daiker
Bart Hafeman – Zero Gravity


  • Rob Daiker produced the album, played all instruments on all tracks, and sang background vocals

Bart Hafeman, is a vocalist that fronts an incredibly popular covers band around Portland and Oregon, called ‘Hit Machine’.

Blake Sakamoto played with Hit Machine, and his own branch-off band ‘Nu-Wave Machine’ that re-named to ‘Nu-Wavers’.

Through Blake, Dan and Rob.

Bart supported Dan Reed Network at their New Year’s Eve Reunion show in 2012, and Portland homecoming reunion show in 2013.

Bart had also supported, Dan Reed solo shows, as well as arranging/promoting some of them.

Rob produced the album, played all of the instruments, and sang background vocals. Bart told me the album was Daikerized.

Dan Pred produced the video for the lead single, “Fly”, which featured Rob on guitar. Blake ‘plays’ keyboards in the video, but he did not actually play on the album.

Keith Schreiner, who plays additional keyboards on “Rocket To Mars”, was one half of Dahlia – the house band at Dan Reed’s Portland club, Ohm.

Jennifer Batten, one-time guitarist for Michael Jackson, and a Portland local, plays the guitar solo on “Galaxy”.

  • Musicians:
    • Rob Daiker Background Vocals; All Instruments except:
    • Jennifer Batten Guitar solo on “Galaxy”
    • Bart Hafeman Drums on “Galaxy”; Instrumentation and Production on “Sky Turn Blue”
    • Joe Mengis Drums on “Forever”, “Fly”, “From Above”
    • Dan Reed Additional Background Vocals on “Rocket To Mars”
    • Michael Conner Additional Background Vocals on “Galaxy”
    • Keith Schreiner Additional Keybaords on “Rocket To Mars”
  • Formats
Seven Sisters Road - Dan Reed & Dan Reed Network