TV:616 - Poison Blanket - Dan Reed Remix of Sickness
RELEASED: September 25, 2001
LABEL: Elemental Records
PRODUCER: Dave Merrick & TV:616
TV:616 Poison Blanket Sampler

Promo CD (USA)

TV:616 were a ‘post-modern’ hard rock band from Portland, OR.

They played several times at Dan Reed’s club ‘Ohm’.

Dan Reed remixed the track “Sickness” that appeared on their debut album “Poison Blanket”.

However, this remix only appeared on the TV:616 Poison Blanket Sampler CD.

The original track runs 2:58. The remix by Dan Reed clocks in at 5:40.

In a Facebook post on December 6th, Dan Reed wrote:

It’s a song by the great Portland group ‘TV:616’ they asked me to remix. I added some musical bells and whistles, mixed and edited this version 🙂

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