Rat's Nest - Dan Reed - The Day My Parents Ran Away
RELEASED: December 13, 1993
ARTIST: Rat's Nest
LABEL: Hypedreamz
The Day My Parents Ran Away


  1. Walk Away Rat’s Nest

I discovered this when searching for the band name Rat’s Nest in connection with Hypedreamz. This needs a little verification – I guess I should watch this TV movie – but by all accounts, it is terrible – but the song “Walk Away” was recorded by Dan Reed under the name ‘Rat’s Nest’. Or it may be another Hypedreamz band entirely.

“Walk Away” has never been released on any format outside of the movie, on VHS, and DVD.

This song were recorded at Hypedreamz – Dan Reed’s production company.

On the IMDB page for the soundtrack of The Day My Parents Ran Away, Matt Nelson is listed as the songwriter. The song is published through Dan Reed as Mind and Body Music.

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