Sunshine Through The Dress Dan Reed Network Unofficial Studio Album
RELEASED: February 1, 1999
ARTIST: Dan Reed Network
Sunshine Through The Dress


  1. Ritual Single Mix
  2. Slavery (Chains)
  3. Get To You 12″ Mix
  4. Cruise Together Live New York 1988
  5. Baby Don’t Fade Live New York 1988
  6. Tiger In A Dress Live New York 1988
  7. Tamin’ The Wild Nights Live New York 1988
  8. Mind & Body Live New York 1988
  9. Resurrect Live New York 1988
  10. Rock You All Night Long Live New York 1988
  11. Livin’ With A Stranger
  12. Ritual Club Single
  13. Ritual Live New York 1988

This CD collection of B-sides and other tracks was compiled by someone called Wrinkles.

Unlike Standing 8 Count, with its two G-13 tracks, there’s nothing too special about this collection. The Live tracks are from the unofficial Ritual Double Live CD.

The other songs are easily available on single b-sides if you look hard enough.

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