Standing Eight Count Dan Reed Network Unofficial Studio Album
RELEASED: January 1, 1999
ARTIST: Dan Reed Network
Standing 8 Count


  1. Affection
  2. Burnin’Love
  3. Come Alive
  4. Ritual Extended Dido Slam Mix
  5. World Has A Heart Too Boom Box Jam Mix
  6. Get To You Spanish Version
  7. Bust A Bucket
  8. Under My Skin Live Rotterdam Ahoy 1988
  9. Without You
  10. Come To Me
  11. You Can Leave Your Hat On
  12. Stronger Than Steel / All My Lovin’ Acoustic
  13. Back To Love Rob Daiker
  14. Anywhere But Here G-13 (Dan Reed)
  15. Heaven G-13 (Dan Reed)
  16. Eye On You Tandees Records Version

This CD collection of B-sides and other tracks was compiled by someone called Wrinkles.

The most notable tracks included here are the two G-13 tracks recorded by Dan Reed in 1999 – these were only available on an Eon Records sampler and this is the only place I have seen them surface.

The mountain on the cover is Mt Hood, viewable from Portland, OR. Portland is the cityscape on the back artwork.

Seven Sisters Road - Dan Reed & Dan Reed Network