Snake Oil & Harmony Shut In Sessions 2020 Dan Reed Danny Vaughan
RELEASED: March 27, 2020
ARTIST: Snake Oil & Harmony
Snake Oil & Harmony – The Shut In Sessions

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  1. Where The Water Goes March 27 2020
  2. Cannonball March 28 2020

March 2020 saw Western Europe, the US, and much of the rest of the world react to a global pandemic – a novel coronavirus called COVID-19 swept the globe after starting in China in January 2020. As the attempts to contain the pandemic, and manage cases across nations, many countries, cities, counties, and states imposed self-isolations and self-quarantines – asking, and ordering, people to stay home to prevent them for catching, and/or spreading the virus. Every event from sports to cinema, theater to music and concerts was postponed or canceled – the Olympics, football, Broadway, Snake Oil & Harmony Tour, motor racing, NBA etc. Schools were closed. Workplaces were closed and many businesses (including mine) laid off hundreds of thousands of workers. As I write this, the US and UK are in the early stages of this self-isolation.

And this makes for an interesting reason to have a Snake Oil & Harmony album/EP. Except it’s not really an official album of any kind. After postponing the Snake Oil & Harmony tour, Dan Reed and Danny Vaughan played a couple of tracks from their album together/separately from their respective homes in Prague, Czech Republic, and Spain. This aligns with Dan’s Musical Vibrations for Home Isolations series.

On the night of 26th March 2020, Danny Vaughan also played a live feed of songs from his home in Spain, and included a couple of Snake Oil & Harmony songs.

From Danny Vaughan:

Dan Reed and Danny Vaughn playing together/separately a song from the new Snake Oil & Harmony Album “Hurricane Riders”. For all us shut in at home. A little music to make you smile. Thanks to Craig MacDonald for the awesome editing!

So, this ‘album’, is basically a list of the songs played during this unprecedented time period that we are living through right now.

Here are links to the videos:

Where The Water Goes:


Danny Vaughan Front Room Show (March 26th 2020)

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Snake Oil & Harmony Shut In Sessions 2020 Dan Reed Danny Vaughan

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