RELEASED: January 1, 2012
ARTIST: Dan Reed
LABEL: Zero One Entertainment / Pledge Music
PRODUCER: Dan Reed & Rob Daiker
Signal Fire – Home Demo Recordings

Digital Download

  1. All I Need Is You Demo
  2. All Night Demo
  3. Drive On Demo
  4. Echoes of a Prague Wedding Unreleased Instrumental Demo
  5. End of The World Acoustic Demo
  6. Signal Fire Demo
  7. Sing To Me Demo
  8. Soul Warrior Demo
  9. Last Leaf Unreleased Demo

The “Signal Fire” CD was funded by fans through Pledge Music. This exclusive download features the demo recordings for that album, and was only available as an extra incentive to fans that contributed to the funding of the album.

All of the demos were recorded in Dan’s home recording studio in Prague.

Dan had this to say about the demos:

“I have included 7 demo tracks from ‘Signal Fire’ and thought it would be interesting for people to hear some songs that didn’t make the cut for the new CD, so included two of those tracks, and one instrumental that I could never quite get the lyric to work on, but enjoyed the recording of the track”.

Dan provided “Swept Away” to a benefit Digital Download album arranged by Manda Mosher to raise money for Danbury Hospital – Songs For Sandy Hook.

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