RELEASED: December 16, 2016
ARTIST: Rob Daiker
LABEL: NiaSounds
PRODUCER: Rob Daiker
Rob Daiker – Binary Affairs


Digital Download / Streaming

  1. Damn The Torpedoes
  2. Random Error
  3. Blackout
  4. All For A Kiss
  5. Hurt Parts
  6. The Victor
  7. Apparitions
  8. Step Into The Light
  9. Swing
  10. Super Hero
  11. Helicopter

Rob Daiker’s first full solo album was released in the same month as Dan Reed Network’s ‘Fight Another Day’.

Dan Reed Network (with Rob on vocals) played ‘All For A Kiss’ on the 2017 European Tour.

Promo videos were made for ‘All For A Kiss’ and ‘Helicopter’.

Seven Sisters Road - Dan Reed & Dan Reed Network