RELEASED: February 1, 1988
ARTIST: Dan Reed Network
LABEL: Mercury / Polygram
PRODUCER: Bruce Fairbairn

7″ (Canada)
[Mercury MS 76266]

7″ (Netherlands)
[Mercury 870 183-7]

12″ (USA)
[Mercury 870 183-1]

CD Single (Germany)
[Mercury 870 183-2]

The first US single sneaked into the Billboard Top 40 in February 1998 at position 38

Several Mixes of ‘Ritual’ were recorded – some of which only appear on particular formats – such as the single mix and club single – which only appear on the German CD single

This single was not released in the UK

The video was filmed on New Year’s Eve at the Starry Night Theater in Portland, Oregon. Lawrence Jordan directed the video – he had directed videos and concerts by The Who, Sting, Mariah Carey, Billy Joel, Tony Bennett and the very popular series “Live by Request” for the A & E Channel.

Lawrence Jordan wasn’t the only director in consideration for “Ritual”. DRN’s manager Bill Graham approached his good friend Francis Ford Coppola about working with his new band. Unfortunately Francis had just lost his son and needed time to grieve

Dan Reed said this about the chant:

“The original chant was born from producer Bruce Fairbairn bringing Dan Reed to a local college music department in Vancouver, Canada, and introducing him to an African percussionist named Dido. When the debut album was almost finished at Little Mountain Sound, Dido brought down many of his drums and other percussion instruments and the entire band, Dido, and even Fairbairn manned different instruments and recorded the intro to Ritual. From the initial passes Dido was heard in the background chanting what became one of the most memorable elements of the first album.”

Hence, also, the Dido name of the various remixes of “Ritual”

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