RELEASED: January 1, 1986
ARTIST: Jonathan Elias
LABEL: Enigma Records
PRODUCER: Jonathan Elias
CATALOGUE NUMBER: Enigma 7 73354-2
Requiem For The Americas – Songs From The Lost World

LP Vinyl Album
[7 73354-1]
[7 73354-2]
Cassette Album
[7 73354-4]

This project was composed by Jonathan Elias as a tribute to the spirit and vision of the Native Americans.

Dan provides the haunting backing vocals to the song ‘Invisible Man’ singing the line “Where We Belong

The lead vocals on ‘Invisible Man’ are by John Waite.

From a Facebook post in December 2018, I learned the following:

That was a project Tag Gross brought me in on. Waite and I had already worked on some Bad English songs together so we’re friends and it was a most worthy charity project.

Dan Reed

“Du He Kah (The Healer)” is only on the CD version of the album.

The CD came in Long Box packaging in the USA.

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