Dan Reed Network Patreon Subscription
RELEASED: February 1, 2020
ARTIST: Dan Reed Network
LABEL: Patreon
Patreon Introduction

In February 2020, Dan Reed Network started a Patreon subscription service.

The original name for the subscription was ‘Dan Reed Networkers’ and there were 3 pricing tiers.

In March 2020, a review of the initial offerings led to a few changes.

The name was changed to Stardate Collective and the pricing tiers were changed.

This Patreon section of the discography will list the monthly releases of videos, audio, posts etc, but to access the content, you will need to be a subscriber to the:

Stardate Collective Patreon

The pricing tiers are:

The introduction from Dan reads as:

A way to be a part of all upcoming music releases, tours, video, new merch production, and more!

The name ‘Dan Reed ‘Network’ started off as the name of a newsletter back in 1983, a way for me to reach people who wanted to follow different musical projects I was involved in long before social media. A year later DRN became the name for the band that eventually brought us around world when we signed with Polygram. Now with the love and hard work of Jules Carley the Dan Reed ‘Networkers’ have become an online community that helps support all the artistic endeavours the band and myself put out there to the world and we could not be more grateful for this wonderful collective!

The Dan Reed Networkers Patreon page will be offered as an extension of that community who have supported all the albums releases and live performances in the past. With the business landscape changing so much toward crowd funding individual projects this Patreon page will be a way to continually help record new music, fund tours, create music videos, unique merchandise, and in time produce film projects!

I am excited about creating exclusive monthly content for all the Patreon members throughout the year, and delivering new DRN and Solo Albums annually while touring the world. So whether you have the means and/or desire to join our Patreon page or not I thank you for being beside us all these many years. We could not do it without you!

On February 29th, Dan Reed about the expected changes:

Dan Reed here! I want to welcome the 32 friends and supporters who have signed up for this adventure of working together so far! It’s truly amazing to have your faith in this new platform and in our future projects you will be helping fund and co-create… we are so excited about the future of where this can go! Currently this month is dedicated to working out fine tuning both the tiers, possibly a new name for the Patreon page as we saw some confusion from folks commenting on the FB Networkers page, and I was also made aware of the VAT charging issues, so we have a plan to course correct and will be presenting that to you all within the next 10 days to make everything crystal clear and run smooth for next month! Thank you for your patience and understanding on all, and hope you have enjoyed the new Tamin’ the Wild Nights vid 🙂 We have some unique and special musical surprises coming your way here, new ‘Network Vision’ comedy vids, and much more. Our plan with the complimentary Patreon T-Shirt will change with the new Patreon Name for this platform but fear not as we have a plan which I believe and hope you all will like as much if not more than the Networkers shirt design! We will instead be offering the new DRNetworkers shirt you’ve all seen for all the FB page members to purchase for those who wish to pick that up 🙂 So stay tuned for an update on all this a week from this next Monday, and until then wishing everyone here a most insightful and inspiring weekend!

We are on our collective way 🙂

Dan Reed Network Patreon Subscription

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