RELEASED: July 1, 1991
ARTIST: Dan Reed Network
LABEL: Mercury / Polygram
PRODUCER: Bruce Fairbairn / Dan Reed
Mix It Up

7″ Autographed Etched Disc (UK)
[UK – Mercury MER 345]

10″ Orange Vinyl (UK)
[UK – Mercury MERXP 345]

12″ Black & White Vinyl (UK)
[UK – Mercury MERX 345] [Int’l – Mercury 868 509-1]

CD Single – Picture CD (UK)
[UK – Mercury MERCD 345] [Int’l – Mercury 868 509-2]

CD Single (Germany)
[Mercury 869 509-2]

CD EP (Australia)
[Mercury 869 509-2]

Cassette Single (USA)
[Mercury 868 616-4]

The first single from ‘The Heat’ was a sneak peak at the new Dan Reed Network sound.

Following previous trends, there were several worldwide formats of the ‘Mix It Up single’. These included an autographed etched 7″ (with band autographs etched on Side A, and the tracks on Side B; orange vinyl 10″ (with previously unreleased track ‘Slavery (Chains)’; and a black and white vinyl 12″.

“The Lonely Sun” on the vinyl and CD fades to empty. This is different to the version on “The Heat” where it fades to “Thy Will Be Done” and the track ending is the sound effects leading to that. This latter version is used on “Anthology” also, rather than the single version here, which would have served than the abrupt ending to the sound effect.

The single just missed the UK Top 40, peaking at #49

Australia had a neat summary of the Dan Reed Network career with the Mix It Up EP, released in support of the DRN tour down under.

The Limited Edition 10″ Orange vinyl in double sided poster sleeve. The vinyl comes in a 10″ picture card sleeve inside the folded poster.

The Limited Edition numbered Black & white swirled vinyl comes in a plastic gatefold sleeve with 2 card inners.

The USA had a limited edition cassette single entitled for 99ยข – “The Heat” featuring “Mix It Up”, with snippets of tracks from “The Heat” and “Chatter” featuring Dan Reed talking about the album and The Network. “Mix It Up” is in full on Side A and Side B. “The Heat” snippet ends Side A.

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