Live At Last VHS

VHS Video

  1. Slam A Capella
  2. World Has A Heart Too
  3. Get To You
  4. Under My Skin
  5. Love Don’t Work That Way
  6. Mix It Up
  7. Brion James Guitar Solo
  8. Come Back Baby
  9. Rainbow Child
  10. Cruise Together
  11. Mind & Body
  12. Auld Lang Syne
  13. You Can Leave Your Hat On
  14. Rock You All Night Long
  15. Ritual
  16. Steal Me
  17. Let It Go
  18. Forgot To Make Her Mine
  19. Make It Easy
  20. Baby Don’t Fade
  21. Seven Sisters Road
  22. Lover
  23. Long Way To Go
  24. Stronger Than Steel

Unlike the similarly titled live double CD, this video is of just one show – New Years Eve 1991 at The Fox Theater, in Portland, OR, USA.

The sound and shoot are great quality; there is a horn section on several songs, and a setlist covering the entire Dan Reed Network career up to 1992, from ‘Breathless’ to ‘The Heat’.

The video is shot in Black & White.

The video starts out with the band doing an A Capella ‘Slam’ in the dressing room before the show.

The video was re-released on DVD by Videomedia in 2010.

Seven Sisters Road - Dan Reed & Dan Reed Network