RELEASED: January 1, 2013
ARTIST: Dan Reed
LABEL: Zero One
In Between The Noise


  1. Redemption Song
  2. Swept Away
  3. The Rush
  4. Sacred Ground
  5. Solstice (Intro)
  6. Stronger Than Steel
  7. She’s Not You
  8. All Night
  9. Only Love
  10. Sharp Turn
  11. Candlelight
  12. I Dont’t Mind
  13. 99 Lashes
  14. Beloved
  15. Jerusalem Sky
  16. On Your Side
  17. Long Way To Go

Dan Reed made a realtively surprising release of a solo acoustic album “In Between The Noise”, less than a year after the release of “Signal Fire”.

The album featured songs from Dan’s first two solo albums, DRN tracks, and tracks originally planned for “Signal Fire”.

The album was recorded by Dan in Prague, and the songs were single-takes of Dan on vocals and guitar or piano.

“99 Lashes”, and “She’s Not You”, were originally demoed and on early tracklistings for “Signal Fire”.

“The Rush” and “Sharp Turn” first appeared on Dan Reed’s first solo EP, “Sharp Turn”.

“Swept Away” originally appeared on “Signal Fire Home Demo Recordings” and “Songs For Sandy Hook Volume 1”. It was re-recorded for this album.

The artwork/inner liner reads:

“The beauty of music is often found in the silence between the notes, just as the hidden soul of religious texts can be found on the blank page behind the words”.

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