Dan Reed Network Varberg Sweden 1993
RELEASED: July 10, 1993
ARTIST: Dan Reed Network
LABEL: Audience Recording
Fästning – Varberg, Sweden 1993

Audio Rip from Bootleg VHS

  1. Cruise Together
  2. Forgot To Make Her Mine
  3. Under My Skin
  4. Rainbow Child
  5. Melvin Brannon Bass Solo
  6. Seven Sisters Road
  7. Make It Easy
  8. Baby Don’t Fade
  9. Stronger Than Steel
  10. Love Don’t Work That Way
  11. Ritual
  12. Get To You
  13. World Has A Heart Too
  14. I’m So Sorry
  15. Blame It On The Moon

This show is a CD I made from bootleg video recording from the unofficial 1993 Varberg VHS by ripping the audio.

It is from the 1993 DRN headlining European tour.

The original video was shot at Fästning, Varberg, Sweden on 10 July 1993.

The audio is quite muffled. It was filmed from the crowd.

Dan Reed Network Varberg Sweden 1993

Seven Sisters Road - Dan Reed & Dan Reed Network