Falling From The Burnside Bridge
RELEASED: January 1, 2003
ARTIST: Various Artists
LABEL: Contraband Recording
PRODUCER: Rob Daiker
Falling From The Burnside Bridge


  1. Rush My Regrets
  2. All The Way Gone Odds Against Tomorrow
  3. At My Worst Camaro Hair
  4. Virus The New Black
  5. Feel Like I Wanna Feel The Bella Fayes
  6. Rain On The Street UHF
  7. Blue Skies For Blue Eyes Blue Skies For Black Hearts
  8. Laughing At The Thought Woke Up Falling
  9. Radio Murders Jonah
  10. Tried And True Baseboard Heaters
  11. Lifted As We Orbit

This was a Rob Daiker produced 2003 compilation CD of local Portland bands.

Rob Daiker wrote two of the songs (“At My Worst” by Camaro Hair; “Virus” by The New Black).

He produced/co-produced three songs (“At My Worst” by Camaro Hair; “Virus” by The New Black; “Lifted”, by ‘As We Orbit’).

The last song on the album, “Lifted”, by ‘As We Orbit’ was written by Benjamin Rader, who was Dan Reed’s guitarist at his first Oregon shows when he returned to music in 2008. Rob and Dan co-produced the track.

The Burnside Bridge is a bridge in Portland, OR. It is a place that many of the city’s homeless congregate. Dan Reed and Brion James wrote the unreleased song “Let There Be No More Walls Between Us”, after spending three days living under the Burnside Bridge.

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