Dan Reed - 1999 Millennium Mix - Z100 Morning Zoo
RELEASED: January 1, 1999
ARTIST: Dan Reed
LABEL: Z-100
PRODUCER: Dano Clark
Dan Reed – 1999 Millennium Mix

CD & DVD Collection (USA)
[Z100 CD012]

  1. 1999 Millennium Mix

1999 (Millennium Mix) is indeed a cover of the Prince song – with vastly updated and cynical lyrics – turns the song on its head rather than a bland facsimile.

This set – the “Z100 Morning Zoo 15 Years of Crap” 3 CD and 1 DVD set was only available locally in Portland record stores, or from the Z100 Portland website. It also featured the “Bust A Bucket” video and “Pride of Portland” video on the DVD.

Other than this release, I do not know how the song was originally made available, if at all. Maybe it was just played on Z100.

This 3 CD and 1 DVD set was released by Z100 Portland Radio station in 1999.

The track was recorded at Whitehorse and Falcon Studios in Portland, OR. It was mixed at the Hit Factory in New York. DRN recorded “Fight Another Day” at Falcon Studios in 2016.

This version was written by Prince, Dano and J-Mack.

J-Mack raps on “Bust A Bucket“.

“1999 Millennium Mix” is Track 3 on CD 2 of the 4 Disc set.

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