RELEASED: February 1, 2017
ARTIST: Dan Reed
LABEL: Zero One
PRODUCER: Dan Reed; Co-Produced and Mixed by Rob Daiker


  1. A Piece of Home
  2. Soul Survivor
  3. Smile
  4. Day One
  5. Distant Star
  6. Fragile
  7. Cave You In
  8. Lift You Up
  9. On Fire
  10. The Great Divide

“Confessions” is Dan Reed’s fourth full solo album. Dan played all of the live instruments, programmed the drum beats and synth parts, and of course, all vocals.

Rob Daiker, Geoff Tyson, and Martin Tidmarsh perform guitar solos on the album. Rob Daiker also added additional drum programming.

The first 1,000 copies of the “Confessions” album and “Smile” 7″ cream-colored vinyl single bundle were signed by Dan Reed.

The promo video for “Smile” was shot in Prague, and features Tomas Beroun as the Angel, and Amelie Josefi as the girl.

The beautiful cover artwork by Graeme Purdy Bell features Dan Reed encapsulated by his two main hometowns – Portland, OR on the left, and Prague, on the right.

Promo Videos were made for:

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