RELEASED: March 1, 2018
ARTIST: Dan Reed
LABEL: Zero One
Confessions Tour – Live in the UK – DVD


  1. Intro
  2. Feels Like Home London
  3. Distant Star Manchester
  4. Promised Land Newcastle
  5. *Confessions on Confessions
  6. Champion London
  7. Rainbow Child Manchester
  8. *Manchester Location Scout
  9. Living With A Stranger Manchester
  10. Day One London
  11. Candlelight Manchester
  12. *Songwriting
  13. Stronger Than Steel Newcastle
  14. Only Love Manchester
  15. What Dreams May Come Manchester
  16. Long Way To Go London
  17. Sacred Ground Manchester
  18. *DRN Break-Up
  19. A Piece of Home Newcastle
  20. She’s Not You Manchester
  21. Brave New World Newcastle
  22. Pray For Rain Manchester
  23. All My Lovin’ / Credits Newcastle
  24. *It’s All About The Love

To mark the release of his 4th solo album, “Confessions”, Dan performed three intimate solo acoustic shows in England in September of 2017, that were filmed for this DVD release.

The shows were:

A separate hi-res video download of the shows was made available in January 2018 exclusively to all ticket holders to these shows.

The download tracklisting is similar to this DVD release, but with 3 additions that did not make it onto the DVD.

The 3 additional songs are all cover versions:

The DVD features Dan talking about a few subjects, including the break-up of DRN; these are notated by asterisks in the tracklisting

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