RELEASED: January 1, 2014
ARTIST: Brion James
LABEL: Genuine Music Group
PRODUCER: Brion James
Brion James – Snorkle Test – Remix & Reissue

Digital Download

  1. Snorkle Test
  2. West End Girls
  3. Lucky
  4. Undercover Man
  5. We Rock
  6. Alien CarJack
  7. My Aching Brain
  8. It’s Alright
  9. Like A Number
  10. Lil Munchie

Brion James remixed his original solo album in 2014.

It is available on Digital Download only from Brion James’ website.

From the original album, “It’s Cool” was removed, and “We Rock” was added.

“We Rock” (originally titled “Can We Rock Rock”) and “Like A Number” were originally recorded by Brion James on “The Hoodies” album.

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