RELEASED: January 1, 1993
ARTIST: Andrew Green
LABEL: Hypedreamz
Andrew Green

Cassette Album (USA)

  1. Bamm
  2. Fly With Me
  3. Best Friends
  4. L.M.G. Remix
  5. She Said She Loves Me
  6. Till You’re Set Free

Hypedreamz was the production company set up in 1992 by Dan Reed. The label released four full albums (all produced by Dan Reed), and made commercial advertising music for the likes of Nike and Revlon.

The Hypedreamz studio in Portland featured a fully-equipped, 24-track, audio-to-video recording studio. Hypedreamz services included commercial/film music production work, and artist development and management.

This album was released on cassette only.

Andrew Green sings a pop rock kind of thing.

Clark Stiles, who also worked with Dan Reed on “Live Or Die” co-produced this album.

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