Amanda Hayley / Brion James - Naked Soul
RELEASED: January 1, 1999
ARTIST: Amanda Hayley
PRODUCER: Brion James
Amanda Hayley – Naked Soul


  1. Naked Soul
  2. Beautiful Vision
  3. Heaven’s Gate
  4. Souls Searchin
  5. Bird In A Cage
  6. We Who Are One
  7. Wake Up

Amanda Hayley is a friend of Brion’s, and was on the same Naked Soul Music label.

She is a singer-songwriter. Brion co-wrote and produced several songs on this light mainly acoustic album .

Note the guest appearance by Melvin Brannon on “Bird In A Cage”.

This CD produced via the now defunct is a multimedia release also featuring MP3s, a software player, and a few biog details. It is long out-of-print.

There was once a supporting website at (now defunct) that featured flash animations with each song.

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