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dan reed - adrenaline sky

Dan Reed - Adrenaline Sky (USA)

Studio Songs

1. Simple
2. Distance Between
3. Blow You Away
4. We Belong
5. All I Want
6. Should Be With You
7. Pain Is An Angel

Dan Reed - Adrenaline Sky (USA)

Live Songs

8.   Pray
9.   Just Asking
10. Stranger
11. Distance Between
12. Fragile
13. Mother Mary
14. War

dan reed - adrenaline sky

dan reed - adrenaline sky

dan reed - adrenaline sky


Release Date : 1998

[Videomedia DRAS-001]

Produced by :

Tag & Camus


Dan Reed - Vocals
Winston Royce - Bass
Danny Palomo - Guitar
Nir Z - Drums
Raf Hernandez - Guitar


Following the release of the 'Live @ Brownies nyc' album, Videomedia (Dan Pred's production company) released a second CD - half of it taken from the live CD, and half from the studio

dan reed - adrenaline skyThe live half was recorded at Brownies Club in New York City on 2 April 1996 - all of the songs are featured on the live @ brownies nyc cd


Two of the songs on the studio half were not on the live @ brownies nyc cd - 'Simple' and 'All I Want'